A reflection on the consecration of Bishop Libby Lane, York Minster, 26 Jan. 2015

I was there for the service of consecration of bishop Libby Lane and three men made me weep different kinds of tears.

Firstly, the man in front of me in the queue who did not agree with the consecration of women, but believed that, at the end of the week of Christian Unity, it didn’t matter what he thought, it mattered that we stand together as brothers and sisters in Christ. What a wonderful, grace filled, generous spirit – oh that the whole church would follow his example.
The second, our newly retired bishop of Oxford, with his gentle touch of bishop Libby’s arm and his warm smile as he processed with so many others past her – oh that the whole church would demonstrate such tender love and support for one another.
The third was the man who shouted out his negatives, demanding his voice be heard above the voice of the church, above the voice of God who has called bishop Libby into this ministry, desperate for his ‘No, No, No’ to be heard by the world. Oh that the whole church would recognise that the God we serve is a living God, who moves and breaths and inspires in each generation; who loves us, pours out gifts upon us and calls us.


Rev’d Kate Stacey