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During the Covid pandemic rather than amend all the information on the website we are mainly using the homepage as a place to add details of things which are happening.

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Rota of Services September – November 2020

Sunday Services Rota

Here is the latest rota of Sunday Services for the next few weeks (see table below or download the following document)


Download here Sep-Nov 2020 100920






Idbury Milton Shipton


6 September
Trinity 13
9.30 United Benefice Holy Communion
13 September
Trinity 14
11 BCP Holy Communion  


20 September
Trinity 15
11 United Benefice Holy Communion
27 September
Trinity 16


11 Harvest Festival in Church (no lunch) 12.00 Harvest Festival in Church with

Messy Church  We hope to be in the church grounds for activities. B.Y.O. picnic lunch





Idbury Milton Shipton


4 October
Trinity 17


11 UB Holy Communion
11 October
Trinity 18
11 Harvest Festival


9.30 Holy Communion 11 Harvest


18 October
Trinity 19
  9.30 UB Holy Communion


25 October
Bible Sunday



11 BCP

Holy Communion

9.30 Lay Led (patronal)

Worship for All

8.15 BCP HC


11.00 LL BCP Morning Prayer







1 November

All Saints’ Day





  11 UB All Saints & All Souls Holy Communion
8 November


10.50 Remembrance 9.30 Remembrance – parade and service in church grounds 8.15 BCP HC

10.50 Remembrance Service on Green

15 November

Shoebox/ 2 before advent



9.30  UB HC

Shoebox Sunday

22 November

Christ the King




11 BCP Holy Communion 9.30 Lay Led Worship for All 8.15 BCP HC


11 Lay Led BCP MP

29 November

Advent Sunday




  To Be Confirmed