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Easing of Restrictions in our Churches

Government restrictions have been lifted but for the time being, in our churches, we plan to ease ourselves back in gently.

  • Communion Services Clergy will wear a mask whilst preparing the elements and distributing the Communion as at present.
  • Masks Although not obliged to do so, please consider wearing a mask in Church.
  • Space Please respect other people’s space. Ask before you sit next to someone.
  • Hand sanitizer is readily available.
  • Congregational singing Where services have congregational singing, we strongly recommend wearing a mask whilst singing. Please also consider singing more softly than you might usually do, as louder singing increases the risk to other members of the church. The quantity of congregational singing in services may be limited at first.
  • Register of Attendance in Church We are encouraging people to continue to sign in and check in using the QR code displayed on the posters in church. Venue alerts will be triggered if there are 2 cases at a venue. Alerts will ask individuals to book a test but will not ask individuals to self-isolate. These are not the same as close contact alerts issues by the NHS Covid app.
  • How are you feeling? We ask you please not to come if you (or anyone in your household) are unwell with Covid symptoms.