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An Easter Garden


Here is a link to a video on how to make an Easter Garden which might be a good activity to do with the kids to help them to understand why we celebrate Easter.




It doesn’t have to look exactly like this. It could be made outside in the actual garden but if it’s on a tray or in a container you will be able to move it around.


The main components are

  • Soil or compost
  • A couple of flower pots as shown – or you can make the hill from soil and use bigger stones to make a cave.
  • Moss
  • Twigs and string to make three crosses.
  • A stone big enough to cover the mouth of the cave.
  • A couple of pieces of white cloth, to put in the cave very early on Sunday morning (Jesus’ body has gone – only the cloths he was wrapped in are left).
  • A couple of figures if you have them, to be a disciple (John) and Mary Magdalene, who were the first to visit the tomb on Easter Day.
  • Some twigs of blossom and a few small flowers – maybe in little pots so that you can water them.