First Wychwood Scouts

There had been a lot of interest in restarting the scout group in the Wychwoods and last Saturday we put it to the test. We opened the doors at the school to any family that wanted to come along and experience what happens at a scout meeting.

All morning we had a good flow of interested families, many entering with dubious looks on their faces but leaving full of enthusiasm. By the end of the morning we had signed up around forty youngsters between the ages of 6 and 10 enough to potentially start a Beaver Colony and a Cub Pack.

My concern was always that we would get the youngsters but not the parents to support us. Well the parents that came along didn’t disappoint and we have hopefully signed up enough to get things going. It was our intention to start the group off with experienced leaders  from within the District with local helpers assisting them; then to train our local team up to eventually take over. It looks like we have that core we were looking for.

Now the fun begins, we have to reinstate the group, it will again be the 1st Wychwoods Scout Group; sort out the evenings and times for the sessions; confirm venues; check clearances of new helpers and potential leaders; sort out subs; uniforms; colours of necker……………

All in all it was a great day and I for one was very pleased with the response from the villages. Our target now is to start the sessions after Easter so no pressure! I would like to thank those families who came along and showed interest. It has been 21 years since the original group closed, a lot has changed in the meantime, but the future looks bright.

For more information the contact is [email protected]

Chris Trotman – Group Chairman