Opportunities for a Happy, Friendly New Year!

Some of the opportunities for a happy, friendly New Year!

It is a great joy to me that this benefice is such a friendly, hospitable place.  Here is a reminder of the many ways we gather, to be sociable, to welcome and to grow as disciples.  I wonder if you, a friend or neighbour might enjoy any of these?

We have Midday Prayers through the week; Monday in Milton, Tuesday in Fifield, Thursday in Idbury, Friday in Shipton.

We have Communions once a month in Tall Trees on a Monday, The Paddocks and Old Prebendal on a Tuesday, Day Centre on a Thursday; do you know someone who would appreciate a smaller, warmer, more comfortable space for communion?

We also have Songs of Praise once a month in Tall Trees on a Monday, and the Day Centre on a Thursday; do you know someone who loves to sing?

Coffee Club on a Tuesday in the Benefice Centre, Afternoon Tea on a Thursday in the Paddocks and Coffee Morning on a Tuesday in Old Prebendal are all lovely times to get together with others for a chat. Do you know someone who is a little isolated who might enjoy the opportunity?

Homegroups are places where we enjoy one another’s company and discuss the readings for the coming week. These are day time and evenings in different locations. Perhaps this year you want to dig a little deeper in your faith?

Hope Street and Playhouse are spaces where whole families can explore the Christian faith, enjoy fellowship with others and have fun.

We have a lot to be proud of, so do let people know what their church offers – we have posters and flyers, but an invitation from a friend is always the best.