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Prayers for the School

The Prayer for School Group met on Thursday the 1st February:

If you have an area of school that you would like prayer for, please do let us know or if you would like to join us, please feel free to contact: Jenny Miller on [email protected] or Jo Barham on [email protected]

We prayed for the following areas:

  • For the staff – new and returning – that they settle into the school routines and are supported.

  • For the Open the Book assemblies – that the children would continue to enjoy these as they learn about God and the Bible.

  • For all the school trips and outings this term, that they run smoothly and that the travel goes without a hitch.

  • For half-term, that the staff would feel refreshed and the renewed.

  • We’re thankful for all the afterschool clubs and activities. We prayed that the children would enjoy the variety or opportunities and bless those that run them.

  • For Mr Rubba and all the decisions he has to make with the Governors, we prayed for wisdom and insight as they lead the school.

  • For playtimes and lunchtimes, that the children would enjoy socialising, learning to get along with one another, despite very cold or wet weather.

  • For the PTA, we are so blessed that there is such a creative and imaginative team. Again, we prayed for wisdom as they spend the money raised – as they look to find ways of blessing the children and staff.