Stations of the cross 10

Stations of the cross: 10 Jesus is stripped of his clothes

10th Station of the Cross: Jesus is stripped of his clothes

Jesus said: Why worry about clothes? Look how the wild flowers grow, they do not work, or make clothes for themselves. But not even King Solomon with all his wealth had clothes as beautiful as one of these flowers.
Matthew 6:28-29

The soldiers notice you have something of value. They remove your cloak and throw dice for it.
Your wounds are torn open once again. Some of the people in the crowd make fun of you. They tease you and challenge you to perform a miracle for them to see. They’re not aware that you’ll perform the greatest miracle of all!
The long walk is over, Jesus has reached the end. Now He has no more to do – it will all be done to him. The soldiers had dressed him up as a king before, but now they strip him of his own cloths. There is nowhere to hide, he is vulnerable, humiliated, completely at their mercy – except that within his own soul he carries the dignity and the beauty of all his Father’s creation.

As a child we demand that our parents buy us the right clothes, usually the most expensive and the ones with the correct fashion label.
As an adult we can all to easily judge people by their outer appearance: the clothes they wear and the jobs they do. How often have we seen only the external and not the internal in each other.
We confess, Lord, that we cling too closely to material things. There is so much that we say we “cannot do without.” Give us the true wealth that dwells in the heart, and bless all who live simply, rejoicing in the beauty of your world.

Lord, in your mercy: Hear our prayer