Bishop Colin preaching

The difference our faith makes

On 18th November, we were pleased to welcome Bishop Colin to lead a confirmation service at Shipton church.  As part of their preparation, the two groups of confirmation candidates wrote some notes about what their faith means to them, and these were used as part of the service.

The difference my Christian faith makes: Young Persons’ Confirmation Group

Our Christian faith helps us to be caring people, recognising other people as your brother and sister, and so feel more protective of them.

Our Christian faith helps us to be helpful and more giving.  It encourages us to help everyone we know.

We are not alone, we have someone to talk to always.

Our Christian faith helps us to be more hospitable; I don’t like being left out, so I don’t leave others out.

We can see some of the gifts we have been given by the Spirit, of creativity, faith, hospitality, giving and caring.

Our Christian faith makes us feel special, different and safer.

However, our Christian faith can feel hard, because we want to fit in.


The difference my Christian faith means to me: Adult Confirmation Group

Our Christian faith helps us to reflect on life and the group has given us room for our spiritual well being.  It helps us to think about a wide range of issues in the world and gives a framework to ponder things, discerning what would be the Christian way and making good choices.

Our Christian faith gives us courage.

We know there is someone, there is God, we can turn to at difficult times.

Our Christian faith encourages us to be less selfish and more giving.

We want to live lives that can model a life of faith to others.

It gives us hope.  We can trust God and believe God will help.

The group has given us the chance to grow and reminded us about the Christian faith.

We have found strength in belonging and being part of a community, and touched that desire to belong.

It has been refreshing to be part of a group offering friendship, openness and honesty.

It has helped me recognise our gifts; for instance, a patient, caring person with a lot to give.

We have learned from the bible and how it relates to our lives.

Our Christian faith inspires us to be better people and gives our lives purpose.

And finally… food is a really important part of our group and our faith!