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We need your help for our Rogation Sunday Service

Rogation Sunday 17 May 2020

We need your help to make this year’s service a celebration of the beautiful countryside we live in.

On Rogation Sunday we give thanks for everything that grows in the fields, that surrounds our villages; crops, animals and wildlife. We thank those who work on the land and those who work in food production, from the farms and fields to the supermarkets and local shops. We thank God for all creation and ask for his blessing on the crops, praying for a good harvest.

This year we will have a service online which can be accessed through our Facebook page: from early on Sunday morning.

We may not be able to visit a farm in person but we can share photographs and video clips that celebrate creation and all that grows in the countryside near us. If you have animals yourself or grow food in your garden, we would love to see how they are growing.

Please take your phone or camera with you on your daily walk and take a photo or video, with voice over (and include yourselves if you like) explaining what they mean to you, perhaps answering the question “this is important to me because…..”.

Send them to [email protected] or [email protected]

by the end of Wednesday 13 May and we will include as many as we can in the online service.

Tell your family and friends about this wonderful opportunity to show our appreciation of the countryside, and let’s thank God, together.                   Anne