Shipton church with scaffolding

Work has begun in Shipton Church

15 January 2021:
Last week large pieces of oak were delivered and are now being cut to the correct shape and size. Also, this week the scaffolders arrived to put up access scaffold outside. This is for the work on the Victorian cast iron ties which hold the upper walls of the nave clearstory as well as the replacement of stone coping on the nave parapet. A visit to Shipton church for your daily exercise will reveal all the above is its full glory.


oak for shipton's roof repairs

lumps of oak arriving for shipton’s roof repairs

Shaped oak ready to go

securing the church for the next stage of the work

view of the scaffodling from the outside of Shipton church

The team of workmen getting ready

signs going up to secure the safety of the church

Shipton church is still open

putting up more scaffoldng before work begins